Stage Hypnosis vs Hypnotherapy

Hello. Let me firstly briefly outline my credentials.

My name is Vicki Rebecca and I have been a practicing Hypnotherapist for over 20 years and have, sometimes to my shame, done a fair amount of demonstration hypnosis to audiences, including hallucination hypnosis and altering a subject’s memory.    I am principal and founder of Hypnotherapy Aberdeen and have trained Hypnotherapists since 1986.  I presently do the training through the Internet.

Here are brief explanations of the two types of the application of hypnosis I am writing about:

Stage Hypnosis:
Is a demonstration of the willingness of certain individuals to use hypnosis as an excuse to be the centre of attraction to a non-criticising audience.   It is also a vehicle for a proclaimed hypnotist to stroke his own ego and to give the false impression that he is all powerful and in total control of those individuals I have just described.

On the other hand, a Hypnotherapist is an individual who for whatever reason, usually because of a need within his personality, to help other individuals in need of psychological help.   A Hypnotherapist should be well versed in both the ethical use of hypnosis and a working knowledge of psychology, both of which are used to help his client towards a better life.

The Mechanics

How does a stage hypnotist appear to control his subjects?  To answer that we have to become aware of what is actually happening some hours before and during his performance.

Here are the procedures that are typically applied before a hypnotist carries out his act:

1. Before the hypnotist appears on stage, he would have received a great deal of ‘positive and complimentary’ publicity.   There should also be an entrance charge to his act, the higher the better.  Reasons being that the publicity builds up an expectation of a powerful figure and when a fee is paid, it is an unconscious way of saying, ‘I believe the publicity’.  In fact, those people who know themselves to be hypnotisable, are unconsciously expecting to be, and invariably will, be hypnotised.
2. On the actual night, the audience will be kept waiting to build up the ‘expectancy’ even more.   Usually the proprietors of the establishment will continually mention that the hypnotist will appear later in the evening.   This is in a way similar to the build up to a T.V. show when the floor manager and some well known … More Info

Be Careful To Visit The Original Website

If you don’t already know, there are many scams out there that are going to land on your inbox or on your social networking account. These often tell you that your account has been compromised or that there is a problem that requires your immediate attention. Included in such a message is a link that looks like it goes to the web site of your bank, Paypal, or any other site you may use with a password and user name. For the sake of your safety, never click on this link. Instead, open a new browser and make sure you type in the address of the original website on your own. Otherwise, your information will be compromised.

The link that shows up in the message you receive looks like it goes to the original website but it does not. In fact, if you hold your mouse pointer over the link in the email you should see at the bottom left of your browser (with IE) where the link really goes. If it is a false message, the web address will not be the company’s original web site. Sometimes they try to make it look like the original website address, but there will be small differences. In other cases, they assume you will blindly click and they won’t disguise it at all.

What will happen next depends on what you do. If you click the link, you will be taken to something that looks like the original website. One clue might be that something looks different. Perhaps the log-in area is not where it normally is or pops up when it normally does not. Perhaps some of the font looks just a little smaller than usual or is a different font that is not quite right. The original website will have https:// rather than http: in front of the address. If you sign in on this fake page, you have just given someone your user name and password to access your Paypal, bank account, or other online account you have.

Your email is not the only way that you may be tricked into going to something that is not the original website of any company through which you do business. You may get a message on a social network site to watch some video or to click a link suggested by a friend. The problem is that someone was in that … More Info

Get The Best Bespoke Jewellery From Just Gems

The custom design process at Just Gems is focused on the customer. Rings are priced not only according to the labour that is involved in manufacturing an item particularly when it comes to hand-made jewellery) but also in line with the weight of material used. By allowing the person who seemingly has everything to join in the design process, the piece can be tailored to reflect their own personality and be something unique to them.

If you want to expand your assortment of accessories, you can always swap your rings with friends and relatives; unless, of course, they are expensive custom designed pieces! The lower value of fashion rings makes it considerably easier to swap them items without worry as compared to your more high-valued items and, because costume jewellery has a comparatively low value, you can treat yourself (and your friends) even if there’s no special event involved.

If somebody just did a favor for you, for example,  you can send a gift of a costume ring to show your appreciation. However, this is not the case when it comes to custom jewellery for  truly custom pieces can cost up to 50% more than jewellery out of the shop window which may be mass produced.

At Just Gems, its not uncommon for clients to bring in family rings that they don’t wear and have those items refashioned into a style of their own. Helen Plumb, a third generation gemstone expert based in Aberdeen, said her store recently did two custom marriage rings created from four older wedding rings which belonged to the lovers in their previous failed marriages. You’ll also pay a bit more to have your jewellery created using the latest 3D-CAD technology but the final results will be amazing. The jewellery will look 1000% better than if it were hand carved and it will also last a lot longer as a result of precision of the manufacturing process. While we are on the subject, imaginative charms are one way to guarantee that the gifts given throughout your lifetime are always unique and cherished, but they must not be pigeonholed as something exclusive to matters of matrimony.

Most of the custom jewellery pieces that we see are exclusively handcrafted according to the features and information gained from the customer. If fads in the earrings market are closely followed, it will be seen that many people are choosing custom … More Info

Learning to do things on Photo Sharing Websites

Here are a few answers to common questions about how photo sharing websites work. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll work with the popular Flickr in these questions. These solutions should work with other photo sharing websites too.

Let’s start with privacy on photo sharing websites. Let’s say that you have photos on Flickr that you’re happy to share with the world. But what you do when you have private family photos that you don’t want anyone seeing but a few close family members? Certainly, you could mark sections of your Flickr account as private and for family only. The problem is, that anyone in the family that you wish to share the pictures with, needs to have an account of their own on Flickr too. What if you just want to make things private but then show them to people you choose without requiring them to sign up for Flickr? Is this possible?

With Flickr’s Guest Pass option, you get to do exactly this. All you need to do is to create a Guest Pass and then send it to the person you wish to invite to see your pictures. That person doesn’t have to sign up for a Flickr account to see anything on your account that you want them to see. To create a Guest Pass, all you need to do is to activate Share This Link on a certain set of photos that you’d like to share. If there are any private photos and what you’ve selected, your Guest Pass option turns up on its own. You just fill in the e-mail addresses you want the pass to be sent to and it gets on its way. When you wish to take a Guest Pass away from someone, you just need to turn it off in your Guest Pass History page.

Everyone likes to know how popular they are. When it comes to photo sharing websites, they like to know what pictures of theirs have turned out to be the most popular. How do they find out which pictures these are? On the Flickr photostream page, every photo, on its own preview, has a tag with this information. It shows you how many times it’s been viewed. If you just want your photos listed according to popularity, you just need to click on the link that says Popular at the top of the photostream page. There … More Info

What is Cloud Computing?

Lets start with a definition.

If you are an internet person, using the internet to find information, services, apps or customers, you will definitely have come across the term “Cloud Computing” several times. Quotes like ”cloud computing is the next big thing”, “xx% of companies are now moving towards cloud” or “Our company is now providing cloud based solutions” are more common these days. So you might be wondering what’s the hype all about?So what is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing in simplest of terms, can be thought of as running programs over the internet instead of your local computer.Storing/Retrieving data over the internet instead of your local computer hard disk.Renting resources available over the internet rather than buying them on your own.

“Cloud” in Cloud Computing is simply a informal term(metaphor) for the internet comprising of hardware, software, networks, services and interfaces which work together to provide the required business solutions (as services) to the end user.

More technical definitions for what is cloud computing around the web could go like this:“Cloud computing stands for providing a means through which everything — from computing infrastructure to computing power, applications, business processes to personal collaboration — can be delivered to you as a service wherever and whenever you need.” –

“The term “Cloud Computing” refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing” – Amazon aws

“Cloud computing is a phrase used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network such as the Internet.” – Wikipedia

“Cloud computing is an emerging style of IT delivery; in which the applications, data, and IT resources are rapidly provisioned and provided as standardized offerings to users over the web in a flexible pricing model.”

So now that we have defined what is cloud computing, why not head on over to one of our trusted technology partners –, who are experts in this subject ,as well as providing great value IT support services and email support.… More Info

Things You Never Considered When You Needed A Wedding Video Made

Sometimes, as happened to my wife and I recently, we are shocked when we hire someone to be our wedding photographer and they turn out to be perfect boors. Running a design agency, as we do, we have lots of creative contacts and we sometimes take this for granted but, obviously , not everyone is as fortunate as we are.  When people hire a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer , they don’t really try to judge the kind of personality he has – they just look at his portfolio his skills and so on.

So, when the photographer arrives late at the wedding, snaps at people for taking time to assemble for his pictures, plows through a group of guests to get to the dessert table first and then misses the cake cutting totally because he’s busy getting sloshed at the open bar, they wonder. Are you supposed to judge wedding videographer for their personalities as well? But that’s not all you need to worry about, either. If you go to hiring a private wedding photographer who isn’t really running a full-fledged business, you can be reasonably safe. When you hire him, he has to come himself. When you go to a studio – a proper photography business – talking to the owner and judging that he is a capable and a nice person isn’t enough.

He might actually not be able to make it to your wedding. When you contract with a photography business to do your wedding, the business will send anyone that works for them. And you’re likely to have an experience like what you just read above. The really big studios even go so far as to hire freelancers just like that when it’s the wedding rush season. What you need to do if you plan to hire a photography studio is, you have to ask them to send you a particular person that you check out with your friends and family. When you hire a photographer, you do have to understand that trying to save here by ordering for fewer hours or fewer and smaller pictures doesn’t give you the same quality.

When you give them an order that is priced on the lower side, they will send in a less talented compatriot, less expensive equipment and so on. If you want to save on what you pay your wedding photographer, go in … More Info

Why Every Business Needs To Market Itself

Network marketing is not one of the usual traditional marketing methods that companies use. This form of marketing requires an individual to reach out to potential customers. Many companies are willing to recruit people or marketing agencies such as Azzurro Blu to do their marketing for them. The message regarding the product is then communicated through these individuals to customers they think may be interested. Why would businesses resort to this form of marketing?

The reasons are simple.

The company would have to pay less than it would have to if it were to advertise their products. Another reason being the fact that customers would be more willing to listen to a person directly talking to them about a particular product, thereby being a great way of generating network marketing leads. To generate network marketing leads generally this would entail you having to speak to a large number of people, starting off with friends and acquaintances who you think might be interested in the product.

However you would not always be able to target this same group of people. You would need to recruit more people into this pool. One great way to start off is by using various direct marketing techniques, such as direct mailing. You can get the emails of a list of customers from the same business niche, from various advertising agencies, and then send them promotional marketing material about the company’s products. You could also start your own website. How do you get people to visit your site? This is a question that a lot of new entrants to the world of internet marketing tend to ask. If your primary aim was to promote your products thereby getting lots of new customers, you would need to employ a few really good marketing techniques to start off to attract more traffic. Generating network marketing leads could them be as simple as linking the website of your company to your bog. In addition to this another way of generating network marketing leads is by getting referrals from your acquaintances and friends. The key is to always target the right group of people.

Failing to do this would result in ineffective generation of network marketing leads. You do not want to waste your time, effort and money only to find that you have targeted the wrong group of people. Keep in mind that network marketing leads generation would take … More Info

How To Bring Success To Your Business

I’ve been in conflict this week. Big time. I’m hiring a new online marketing and life coach and because my previous multiple-experiences with online coaches have woefully under-delivered, I don’t want to let my past experiences taint the entire industry.

But there’s a further challenge … I’m out there in the online market place too. I’m offering products that I passionately believe will make a difference. And if others have had the same experience of feeling ‘duped’ as I have, how can they decide whether I’m a expert worth trusting?

HOW do we locate the sincerity among all the hot air? Here’s are my top 5 recommendations:

Do your research – don’t be afraid to get behind a long sales letter. They’re long because they have to deal with every objection the reader could possibly think of. But when you have a phone, Skype or face-to-face dialogue with a seller, you get a sense of the source. Ask them for more examples of how an individual truly went through a process. Ask what percentage of their students get the results they’re highlighting. You wouldn’t buy an offline purchase – a car, some curtains, a new iPhone – without all the answers. And what might work for the masses may not be your thing … so ask until you feel clear and confident.

Expect accountability – if the new juicer you buy isn’t juicing like it claimed it would – you take it back. Often you don’t want your money back, you want the value of what the product said it would bring to your life. So you ask the supplier to be accountable for the product they’re selling and either show you how to use it more effectively or NOT sell the juicer with these unfulfilled promises. It’s the SAME principle when you’re buying knowledge. If it’s not producing for you as it was sold – it’s right to challenge that.

Listen to your intuition – take time to look around a person’s website and check out their social media presence. If you sense a sincerity and authenticity, check out their credentials (like if there are testimonials on their sales letters, find that person on Facebook and ask them to share more detail). I’ve seen teeny glimpses of some online marketeers which have changed my instinct of them entirely – both ways.

Put your investment in context – ask yourself … More Info

The Rise of the IT Business Analyst

As strange as it may sound, the best action in information technology recruitment today isn’t in a technical area, it’s actually a business related skill that gets paid the most attention. It’s the job of the IT business analyst that gets all the love today. This is an article by Business Consultants BusinessPort who are based in Aberdeen and London – please take a few moments to chekc out their website at

As unhappy a situation as it may seem to the technically qualified people who used to control most IT stuff in any business, it’s well-documented today that the IT business analyst has far better hiring prospects to look forward to than any other area of employment in the field. In the year 2014, only 13% of businesses said they planned to hire a IT business analyst soon. This year, about 25% say this. What other area of employment can claim figures such as these? Money Magazine agrees too. It’s one of the top 12 jobs in IT. The median salary for a job of this kind is £80000 a year, and that’s something like 1% better than what it was last year.

Not that real technology jobs are not hiring or that they don’t pay well. Web developers and programmers do have great prospects. In fact, those jobs have made it on the list by Money Magazine too. It’s just that the job of the IT business analyst is the only one to be seen as a critical and essential one. Everyone’s surprised to suddenly see this.

What could have happened that this area of expertise should suddenly break out now? Well, the experts feel that there are changes that have happened in the world of information technology that just make the IT business analyst’s job quite necessary. Software and hardware is designed to be intuitive to use these days. Businesses don’t really need IT expertise as much as they once did. Implementing hardware and software isn’t that difficult. What they do need is expertise that tells them which direction to head in that’s good for the business. Technology is everywhere now and it’s always changing. They do need experts who can advise them on what is best for the business. That’s where the IT business analyst comes in.
These are the people who help the management really understand and make effective use of the corporate IT … More Info

PC Remote Control Software

If you are looking for a free PC remote control software then this is one of the best options to start from. Getting a direct connection to a remote desktop is free with Remote Control PC, a new and universal remote control software allows to control your computer remotely from another computer. I provide IT support in Inverness and I use this kind of software almost on a daily basis.

The software operates over a local network or the Internet itself. It means that you can get an access to your remote computer from another one located anywhere in the world, that provides you with an tremendous degree of versatility. With this strength in your arms, you will never need to worry again about leaving something on a remote computer and being unable to connect to it.

Using this software, a window appears on your local PC screen, that displays the remote screen. Using your local mouse and keyboard, you can then control the remote PC as if you were located right in front of it. This free PC remote control software is also much faster than many other similar remote control software that it can be easy to forget you are using not a computer right in front of you!

A built-in file transfer function allows the instant and easy transfer of files from one computer to the other. This is awesome if you forgot an important document for example, leaving it on the PC at home when you need to have it at work. This function is also specially powerful one. Using a familiar Windows-explorer type interface, you can easily transfer files. Moreover, files are compressed automatically before transfer meaning that it is maid much faster and there is less risk of losing data. File transfer function also enables pausing and resuming of downloads.

There are a lot of great deployments of the software. It offers you to assist your customers remotely, without a necessity of having to be present in front of their PCs. It can also be used for providing remote learning, presentations, etc. The variants are limited only by your imagination!

Free PC remote control software is exceptionally easy to use. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone with even just a basic knowledge of PCs would have no problem using this software. Free Remote Control PC is not just intended for professionals and administrators, … More Info