1968 Plymouth Road Runner – Meep Meep

The famous Plymouth Road Runner first generation was in production from 1968 to 1970 and was available in three body styles; the two door coupe, two door hardtop and the two door convertible.

When it came to the power options all of the production models had real muscle. Even the lowest power option gave a surprising amount of G-force when to pedal was put to the metal! A 383 ci with 335 bhp was really something to step on and when you did – boy were you in for a surprise!

The impressive power options consisted of all V8 entries 383 ci, 440 ci and the monster 426 Hemi V8.

These engines put out amazing amounts of raw power, especially the brutish 440 which came with three two-barrel carburetors know as the 440 Six Pack.

Six Pack Road Runners had no wheel covers or hubcaps and a flat black lift-off fiberglass hood with a hood scoop. The 440 Six Pack produced 390 bhp and 490 foot pounds of torque at 3200 rpm, almost as much as the Hemi and at a lower engine speed.

But it wasn’t all grunt – the cheaper 440 6-BBL was almost as fast as the 426 Hemi, at least up to highway speeds. This option propelled Plymouth and Dodge to the top billings at the drag-strips.

Believe it or not but in order to make use of the likeness of the now famous Road Runner cartoon character Chrysler paid big bucks to Warner Brothers. They also paid big bucks to develop the “beep, beep” horn to go with it. How cool must that have been!?!

The Road Runner was constructed on Chrysler’s B platform that was used for the Belvedere, GTX and Satellite models. The whole idea was to build a no frills Mean Muscle car.

All performance options available were upgraded and anything unnecessary was left out. In fact, some of the early models did not even have carpet, just a floor shifter with a rubber boot.

In 1969 Plymouth Road Runner was a real muscle car and named Motor Trends Car of the Year. One powerful model to add to your collections, you can still find some vintage model car kits of the famous Road Runners from as they say (back in the day) at Silent Autos Models – the #1 supplier of diecast model car kits online. Take a look at the short list of some that are available.

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