Things You Never Considered When You Needed A Wedding Video Made

Sometimes, as happened to my wife and I recently, we are shocked when we hire someone to be our wedding photographer and they turn out to be perfect boors. Running a design agency, as we do, we have lots of creative contacts and we sometimes take this for granted but, obviously , not everyone is as fortunate as we are.  When people hire a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer , they don’t really try to judge the kind of personality he has – they just look at his portfolio his skills and so on.

So, when the photographer arrives late at the wedding, snaps at people for taking time to assemble for his pictures, plows through a group of guests to get to the dessert table first and then misses the cake cutting totally because he’s busy getting sloshed at the open bar, they wonder. Are you supposed to judge wedding videographer for their personalities as well? But that’s not all you need to worry about, either. If you go to hiring a private wedding photographer who isn’t really running a full-fledged business, you can be reasonably safe. When you hire him, he has to come himself. When you go to a studio – a proper photography business – talking to the owner and judging that he is a capable and a nice person isn’t enough.

He might actually not be able to make it to your wedding. When you contract with a photography business to do your wedding, the business will send anyone that works for them. And you’re likely to have an experience like what you just read above. The really big studios even go so far as to hire freelancers just like that when it’s the wedding rush season. What you need to do if you plan to hire a photography studio is, you have to ask them to send you a particular person that you check out with your friends and family. When you hire a photographer, you do have to understand that trying to save here by ordering for fewer hours or fewer and smaller pictures doesn’t give you the same quality.

When you give them an order that is priced on the lower side, they will send in a less talented compatriot, less expensive equipment and so on. If you want to save on what you pay your wedding photographer, go in … More Info

Why Every Business Needs To Market Itself

Network marketing is not one of the usual traditional marketing methods that companies use. This form of marketing requires an individual to reach out to potential customers. Many companies are willing to recruit people or marketing agencies such as Azzurro Blu to do their marketing for them. The message regarding the product is then communicated through these individuals to customers they think may be interested. Why would businesses resort to this form of marketing?

The reasons are simple.

The company would have to pay less than it would have to if it were to advertise their products. Another reason being the fact that customers would be more willing to listen to a person directly talking to them about a particular product, thereby being a great way of generating network marketing leads. To generate network marketing leads generally this would entail you having to speak to a large number of people, starting off with friends and acquaintances who you think might be interested in the product.

However you would not always be able to target this same group of people. You would need to recruit more people into this pool. One great way to start off is by using various direct marketing techniques, such as direct mailing. You can get the emails of a list of customers from the same business niche, from various advertising agencies, and then send them promotional marketing material about the company’s products. You could also start your own website. How do you get people to visit your site? This is a question that a lot of new entrants to the world of internet marketing tend to ask. If your primary aim was to promote your products thereby getting lots of new customers, you would need to employ a few really good marketing techniques to start off to attract more traffic. Generating network marketing leads could them be as simple as linking the website of your company to your bog. In addition to this another way of generating network marketing leads is by getting referrals from your acquaintances and friends. The key is to always target the right group of people.

Failing to do this would result in ineffective generation of network marketing leads. You do not want to waste your time, effort and money only to find that you have targeted the wrong group of people. Keep in mind that network marketing leads generation would take … More Info

How To Bring Success To Your Business

I’ve been in conflict this week. Big time. I’m hiring a new online marketing and life coach and because my previous multiple-experiences with online coaches have woefully under-delivered, I don’t want to let my past experiences taint the entire industry.

But there’s a further challenge … I’m out there in the online market place too. I’m offering products that I passionately believe will make a difference. And if others have had the same experience of feeling ‘duped’ as I have, how can they decide whether I’m a expert worth trusting?

HOW do we locate the sincerity among all the hot air? Here’s are my top 5 recommendations:

Do your research – don’t be afraid to get behind a long sales letter. They’re long because they have to deal with every objection the reader could possibly think of. But when you have a phone, Skype or face-to-face dialogue with a seller, you get a sense of the source. Ask them for more examples of how an individual truly went through a process. Ask what percentage of their students get the results they’re highlighting. You wouldn’t buy an offline purchase – a car, some curtains, a new iPhone – without all the answers. And what might work for the masses may not be your thing … so ask until you feel clear and confident.

Expect accountability – if the new juicer you buy isn’t juicing like it claimed it would – you take it back. Often you don’t want your money back, you want the value of what the product said it would bring to your life. So you ask the supplier to be accountable for the product they’re selling and either show you how to use it more effectively or NOT sell the juicer with these unfulfilled promises. It’s the SAME principle when you’re buying knowledge. If it’s not producing for you as it was sold – it’s right to challenge that.

Listen to your intuition – take time to look around a person’s website and check out their social media presence. If you sense a sincerity and authenticity, check out their credentials (like if there are testimonials on their sales letters, find that person on Facebook and ask them to share more detail). I’ve seen teeny glimpses of some online marketeers which have changed my instinct of them entirely – both ways.

Put your investment in context – ask yourself … More Info

The Rise of the IT Business Analyst

As strange as it may sound, the best action in information technology recruitment today isn’t in a technical area, it’s actually a business related skill that gets paid the most attention. It’s the job of the IT business analyst that gets all the love today. This is an article by Business Consultants BusinessPort who are based in Aberdeen and London – please take a few moments to chekc out their website at

As unhappy a situation as it may seem to the technically qualified people who used to control most IT stuff in any business, it’s well-documented today that the IT business analyst has far better hiring prospects to look forward to than any other area of employment in the field. In the year 2014, only 13% of businesses said they planned to hire a IT business analyst soon. This year, about 25% say this. What other area of employment can claim figures such as these? Money Magazine agrees too. It’s one of the top 12 jobs in IT. The median salary for a job of this kind is £80000 a year, and that’s something like 1% better than what it was last year.

Not that real technology jobs are not hiring or that they don’t pay well. Web developers and programmers do have great prospects. In fact, those jobs have made it on the list by Money Magazine too. It’s just that the job of the IT business analyst is the only one to be seen as a critical and essential one. Everyone’s surprised to suddenly see this.

What could have happened that this area of expertise should suddenly break out now? Well, the experts feel that there are changes that have happened in the world of information technology that just make the IT business analyst’s job quite necessary. Software and hardware is designed to be intuitive to use these days. Businesses don’t really need IT expertise as much as they once did. Implementing hardware and software isn’t that difficult. What they do need is expertise that tells them which direction to head in that’s good for the business. Technology is everywhere now and it’s always changing. They do need experts who can advise them on what is best for the business. That’s where the IT business analyst comes in.
These are the people who help the management really understand and make effective use of the corporate IT … More Info