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Do You Know The Secret Of Effective Time Management?

Time management, and the mastery of time management, is a huge topic these days. There are tons of books and programs catered to this one seemingly elusive aspect of our lives. According to Google there are 1,000,000 monthly searches for the term “time management.”


The irony is that you can’t manage time. Time is linear and goes on with or without you. Seconds continue to tick off into minutes which continue to tick off into hours, days, weeks, months and years. This epiphany can sound discouraging. However, when you realize that you can’t control time, it can be very liberating. Time management is actually self management, or task management. These things are in your control. It’s up to you how you choose to utilize the hours you have available each day.


Here are some tips to help you manage yourself better so you can manage your time better:

Use a Timer

It’s true, you can’t stop a clock at your whim. What you can do is start and stop a timer. When you set a timer for a specific amount of time, this will stimulate your brain to get busy and knock out the task at hand. It may not happen that easily in the beginning, but once you start using this method, it becomes a challenge to the brain. The brain loves a challenge, believe it or not, and will start going to work when you give it a task.

Plan Ahead

The best time to plan today is not today. You should have planned it yesterday. There’s no way you’d throw a party without planning ahead. Your day, in a sense, is like a party. The better you plan it out, the more efficiently you can execute that plan.

Be Specific

When you make out your daily task list be as specific as possible. Here are a few examples, assuming you run your own business or work online.

Your daily task list may look like:

* Email customers
* Work on report to give away
* Write blog post
* Comment on blogs

Instead, you should give your brain specific details to work from. Try this instead:

* Email customers about upcoming sale
* Work on time management report to give away as a list building incentive
* Write blog post on using time management techniques to promote the free report
* Comment on [name] of blog’s More Info

1968 Plymouth Road Runner – Meep Meep

The famous Plymouth Road Runner first generation was in production from 1968 to 1970 and was available in three body styles; the two door coupe, two door hardtop and the two door convertible.

When it came to the power options all of the production models had real muscle. Even the lowest power option gave a surprising amount of G-force when to pedal was put to the metal! A 383 ci with 335 bhp was really something to step on and when you did – boy were you in for a surprise!

The impressive power options consisted of all V8 entries 383 ci, 440 ci and the monster 426 Hemi V8.

These engines put out amazing amounts of raw power, especially the brutish 440 which came with three two-barrel carburetors know as the 440 Six Pack.

Six Pack Road Runners had no wheel covers or hubcaps and a flat black lift-off fiberglass hood with a hood scoop. The 440 Six Pack produced 390 bhp and 490 foot pounds of torque at 3200 rpm, almost as much as the Hemi and at a lower engine speed.

But it wasn’t all grunt – the cheaper 440 6-BBL was almost as fast as the 426 Hemi, at least up to highway speeds. This option propelled Plymouth and Dodge to the top billings at the drag-strips.

Believe it or not but in order to make use of the likeness of the now famous Road Runner cartoon character Chrysler paid big bucks to Warner Brothers. They also paid big bucks to develop the “beep, beep” horn to go with it. How cool must that have been!?!

The Road Runner was constructed on Chrysler’s B platform that was used for the Belvedere, GTX and Satellite models. The whole idea was to build a no frills Mean Muscle car.

All performance options available were upgraded and anything unnecessary was left out. In fact, some of the early models did not even have carpet, just a floor shifter with a rubber boot.

In 1969 Plymouth Road Runner was a real muscle car and named Motor Trends Car of the Year. One powerful model to add to your collections, you can still find some vintage model car kits of the famous Road Runners from as they say (back in the day) at Silent Autos Models – the #1 supplier of diecast model car kits online. Take a look at the … More Info

Simple Tips For Modding Your Model Car Kit

Hey what’s up guys, Bobby from Silent Autos Models here and today I’m going to show you how to lower your car, to make it look something like this.

Now before we start, this tutorial will show you a technique that can be adapted to lower any diecast model kit.

It’s very easy, the materials are cheap, you should have most of them anyway and of course it’s great fun to do.

Now we will start off with of course the model kit you want to lower, but more importantly the wheels you want to use.

Now you need to be 100% sure that these are the wheels you’re going to use, because if you decide to change after you’ve done the work, if they’re bigger, smaller, different offset, etc.

you’re going to have to undo all of that hard work that you’ve done lowering on the set of wheels that you decided on in the first place.

Now the material you will need:

Number one, is a cutting mat.

Number two, you will need a selection of rod and tube, you will need 1.6mm and 2mm rod and 3.2mm tube.

Many companies make this, Evergreen, Plastruct, you will have to do a search of who your local dealers are depending on what country you’re living in, but they are widely available.

Number three is a photo etch saw and a hobby knife.

The photo etch saw that I recommend using is 0.3mm thick, I wouldn’t go any thicker than that, you can go thinner, but personally I’ve not needed a thinner one, it cuts through styrene perfectly.

It really is a great tool to have for any kind of scratch building you’redoing or modifying kits.

Number four is a set of files; you will need a round one and a flat one.

Number five is a set of sprue cutters or snips.

Number six is a set of metal clamps, minimum you need is two, I’d recommend metal ones , you can get other clamps that have loose bits at the end,they’re great for other purposes but not for this one and so it will make your life a lot easier if you use these clips.

Number seven is a sharpie of any colour.

Number eight is your typical styrene glue, any make will do, whatever one you use will be fine for this.

Any finally a fine nail … More Info

Stage Hypnosis vs Hypnotherapy

Hello. Let me firstly briefly outline my credentials.

My name is Vicki Rebecca and I have been a practicing Hypnotherapist for over 20 years and have, sometimes to my shame, done a fair amount of demonstration hypnosis to audiences, including hallucination hypnosis and altering a subject’s memory.    I am principal and founder of Hypnotherapy Aberdeen and have trained Hypnotherapists since 1986.  I presently do the training through the Internet.

Here are brief explanations of the two types of the application of hypnosis I am writing about:

Stage Hypnosis:
Is a demonstration of the willingness of certain individuals to use hypnosis as an excuse to be the centre of attraction to a non-criticising audience.   It is also a vehicle for a proclaimed hypnotist to stroke his own ego and to give the false impression that he is all powerful and in total control of those individuals I have just described.

On the other hand, a Hypnotherapist is an individual who for whatever reason, usually because of a need within his personality, to help other individuals in need of psychological help.   A Hypnotherapist should be well versed in both the ethical use of hypnosis and a working knowledge of psychology, both of which are used to help his client towards a better life.

The Mechanics

How does a stage hypnotist appear to control his subjects?  To answer that we have to become aware of what is actually happening some hours before and during his performance.

Here are the procedures that are typically applied before a hypnotist carries out his act:

1. Before the hypnotist appears on stage, he would have received a great deal of ‘positive and complimentary’ publicity.   There should also be an entrance charge to his act, the higher the better.  Reasons being that the publicity builds up an expectation of a powerful figure and when a fee is paid, it is an unconscious way of saying, ‘I believe the publicity’.  In fact, those people who know themselves to be hypnotisable, are unconsciously expecting to be, and invariably will, be hypnotised.
2. On the actual night, the audience will be kept waiting to build up the ‘expectancy’ even more.   Usually the proprietors of the establishment will continually mention that the hypnotist will appear later in the evening.   This is in a way similar to the build up to a T.V. show when the floor manager and some well known … More Info

Get The Best Bespoke Jewellery From Just Gems

The custom design process at Just Gems is focused on the customer. Rings are priced not only according to the labour that is involved in manufacturing an item particularly when it comes to hand-made jewellery) but also in line with the weight of material used. By allowing the person who seemingly has everything to join in the design process, the piece can be tailored to reflect their own personality and be something unique to them.

If you want to expand your assortment of accessories, you can always swap your rings with friends and relatives; unless, of course, they are expensive custom designed pieces! The lower value of fashion rings makes it considerably easier to swap them items without worry as compared to your more high-valued items and, because costume jewellery has a comparatively low value, you can treat yourself (and your friends) even if there’s no special event involved.

If somebody just did a favor for you, for example,  you can send a gift of a costume ring to show your appreciation. However, this is not the case when it comes to custom jewellery for  truly custom pieces can cost up to 50% more than jewellery out of the shop window which may be mass produced.

At Just Gems, its not uncommon for clients to bring in family rings that they don’t wear and have those items refashioned into a style of their own. Helen Plumb, a third generation gemstone expert based in Aberdeen, said her store recently did two custom marriage rings created from four older wedding rings which belonged to the lovers in their previous failed marriages. You’ll also pay a bit more to have your jewellery created using the latest 3D-CAD technology but the final results will be amazing. The jewellery will look 1000% better than if it were hand carved and it will also last a lot longer as a result of precision of the manufacturing process. While we are on the subject, imaginative charms are one way to guarantee that the gifts given throughout your lifetime are always unique and cherished, but they must not be pigeonholed as something exclusive to matters of matrimony.

Most of the custom jewellery pieces that we see are exclusively handcrafted according to the features and information gained from the customer. If fads in the earrings market are closely followed, it will be seen that many people are choosing custom … More Info