Be Careful To Visit The Original Website

If you don’t already know, there are many scams out there that are going to land on your inbox or on your social networking account. These often tell you that your account has been compromised or that there is a problem that requires your immediate attention. Included in such a message is a link that looks like it goes to the web site of your bank, Paypal, or any other site you may use with a password and user name. For the sake of your safety, never click on this link. Instead, open a new browser and make sure you type in the address of the original website on your own. Otherwise, your information will be compromised.

The link that shows up in the message you receive looks like it goes to the original website but it does not. In fact, if you hold your mouse pointer over the link in the email you should see at the bottom left of your browser (with IE) where the link really goes. If it is a false message, the web address will not be the company’s original web site. Sometimes they try to make it look like the original website address, but there will be small differences. In other cases, they assume you will blindly click and they won’t disguise it at all.

What will happen next depends on what you do. If you click the link, you will be taken to something that looks like the original website. One clue might be that something looks different. Perhaps the log-in area is not where it normally is or pops up when it normally does not. Perhaps some of the font looks just a little smaller than usual or is a different font that is not quite right. The original website will have https:// rather than http: in front of the address. If you sign in on this fake page, you have just given someone your user name and password to access your Paypal, bank account, or other online account you have.

Your email is not the only way that you may be tricked into going to something that is not the original website of any company through which you do business. You may get a message on a social network site to watch some video or to click a link suggested by a friend. The problem is that someone was in that … More Info

Learning to do things on Photo Sharing Websites

Here are a few answers to common questions about how photo sharing websites work. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll work with the popular Flickr in these questions. These solutions should work with other photo sharing websites too.

Let’s start with privacy on photo sharing websites. Let’s say that you have photos on Flickr that you’re happy to share with the world. But what you do when you have private family photos that you don’t want anyone seeing but a few close family members? Certainly, you could mark sections of your Flickr account as private and for family only. The problem is, that anyone in the family that you wish to share the pictures with, needs to have an account of their own on Flickr too. What if you just want to make things private but then show them to people you choose without requiring them to sign up for Flickr? Is this possible?

With Flickr’s Guest Pass option, you get to do exactly this. All you need to do is to create a Guest Pass and then send it to the person you wish to invite to see your pictures. That person doesn’t have to sign up for a Flickr account to see anything on your account that you want them to see. To create a Guest Pass, all you need to do is to activate Share This Link on a certain set of photos that you’d like to share. If there are any private photos and what you’ve selected, your Guest Pass option turns up on its own. You just fill in the e-mail addresses you want the pass to be sent to and it gets on its way. When you wish to take a Guest Pass away from someone, you just need to turn it off in your Guest Pass History page.

Everyone likes to know how popular they are. When it comes to photo sharing websites, they like to know what pictures of theirs have turned out to be the most popular. How do they find out which pictures these are? On the Flickr photostream page, every photo, on its own preview, has a tag with this information. It shows you how many times it’s been viewed. If you just want your photos listed according to popularity, you just need to click on the link that says Popular at the top of the photostream page. There … More Info

What is Cloud Computing?

Lets start with a definition.

If you are an internet person, using the internet to find information, services, apps or customers, you will definitely have come across the term “Cloud Computing” several times. Quotes like ”cloud computing is the next big thing”, “xx% of companies are now moving towards cloud” or “Our company is now providing cloud based solutions” are more common these days. So you might be wondering what’s the hype all about?So what is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing in simplest of terms, can be thought of as running programs over the internet instead of your local computer.Storing/Retrieving data over the internet instead of your local computer hard disk.Renting resources available over the internet rather than buying them on your own.

“Cloud” in Cloud Computing is simply a informal term(metaphor) for the internet comprising of hardware, software, networks, services and interfaces which work together to provide the required business solutions (as services) to the end user.

More technical definitions for what is cloud computing around the web could go like this:“Cloud computing stands for providing a means through which everything — from computing infrastructure to computing power, applications, business processes to personal collaboration — can be delivered to you as a service wherever and whenever you need.” –

“The term “Cloud Computing” refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing” – Amazon aws

“Cloud computing is a phrase used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network such as the Internet.” – Wikipedia

“Cloud computing is an emerging style of IT delivery; in which the applications, data, and IT resources are rapidly provisioned and provided as standardized offerings to users over the web in a flexible pricing model.”

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PC Remote Control Software

If you are looking for a free PC remote control software then this is one of the best options to start from. Getting a direct connection to a remote desktop is free with Remote Control PC, a new and universal remote control software allows to control your computer remotely from another computer. I provide IT support in Inverness and I use this kind of software almost on a daily basis.

The software operates over a local network or the Internet itself. It means that you can get an access to your remote computer from another one located anywhere in the world, that provides you with an tremendous degree of versatility. With this strength in your arms, you will never need to worry again about leaving something on a remote computer and being unable to connect to it.

Using this software, a window appears on your local PC screen, that displays the remote screen. Using your local mouse and keyboard, you can then control the remote PC as if you were located right in front of it. This free PC remote control software is also much faster than many other similar remote control software that it can be easy to forget you are using not a computer right in front of you!

A built-in file transfer function allows the instant and easy transfer of files from one computer to the other. This is awesome if you forgot an important document for example, leaving it on the PC at home when you need to have it at work. This function is also specially powerful one. Using a familiar Windows-explorer type interface, you can easily transfer files. Moreover, files are compressed automatically before transfer meaning that it is maid much faster and there is less risk of losing data. File transfer function also enables pausing and resuming of downloads.

There are a lot of great deployments of the software. It offers you to assist your customers remotely, without a necessity of having to be present in front of their PCs. It can also be used for providing remote learning, presentations, etc. The variants are limited only by your imagination!

Free PC remote control software is exceptionally easy to use. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone with even just a basic knowledge of PCs would have no problem using this software. Free Remote Control PC is not just intended for professionals and administrators, … More Info

Effective Search Engine Optimized E-Commerce Website Design

E-commerce website design isn’t something you can really bring a lot of innovation to. No matter what e-commerce website you go to, Amazon or a website run by a 12-year-old girl to sell pencil erasers, you basically have your list of products, your shopping cart and your checkout page. There isn’t a lot of room here for innovation. The fact that it’s all the same doesn’t make it any easier on website designers or SEO professionals though. There is still a lot of expertise that goes into making an e-commerce website run smoothly. And success here depends a great deal on how well an SEO professional working on a website knows his search marketing. Here are the basic principles of what makes an e-commerce website design really successful. As with most things, as simple as these principles are, very few websites actually follow them. If you do it, you could virtually guarantee yourself some success.

As far as successful e-commerce website design is concerned, the product details pages are the meat and potatoes of the whole affair. This is where every visitor to your website heads, for information and to decide on whether or not they wish to click on the Buy button. For search engines, both internal and external, product pages happen to be the most important thing to pay attention to. With branded products, an SEO professional who takes his job seriously can easily optimize everything by product name, model number, SKU, product size, and so on. What this means is, if there is an Internet shopper looking on Google for a specific brand or model of product, your e-commerce webpage needs to be set up to draw in such a searcher.

Everything needs to be set up and optimized so that people searching on Google by name for a product you list find it right away. To do this, make sure that every single detail on your product details pages is superbly optimized. Make the perfect template for your product pages and use that for every product that you list. So what goes into that product template?

To begin with, you want to be completely certain about the way the name of the product appears on the page; you want to make sure that the <title> tag is perfect and that the two go together. You want to make sure that every single letter and character that … More Info