Learning to do things on Photo Sharing Websites

Here are a few answers to common questions about how photo sharing websites work. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll work with the popular Flickr in these questions. These solutions should work with other photo sharing websites too.

Let’s start with privacy on photo sharing websites. Let’s say that you have photos on Flickr that you’re happy to share with the world. But what you do when you have private family photos that you don’t want anyone seeing but a few close family members? Certainly, you could mark sections of your Flickr account as private and for family only. The problem is, that anyone in the family that you wish to share the pictures with, needs to have an account of their own on Flickr too. What if you just want to make things private but then show them to people you choose without requiring them to sign up for Flickr? Is this possible?

With Flickr’s Guest Pass option, you get to do exactly this. All you need to do is to create a Guest Pass and then send it to the person you wish to invite to see your pictures. That person doesn’t have to sign up for a Flickr account to see anything on your account that you want them to see. To create a Guest Pass, all you need to do is to activate Share This Link on a certain set of photos that you’d like to share. If there are any private photos and what you’ve selected, your Guest Pass option turns up on its own. You just fill in the e-mail addresses you want the pass to be sent to and it gets on its way. When you wish to take a Guest Pass away from someone, you just need to turn it off in your Guest Pass History page.

Everyone likes to know how popular they are. When it comes to photo sharing websites, they like to know what pictures of theirs have turned out to be the most popular. How do they find out which pictures these are? On the Flickr photostream page, every photo, on its own preview, has a tag with this information. It shows you how many times it’s been viewed. If you just want your photos listed according to popularity, you just need to click on the link that says Popular at the top of the photostream page. There are all kinds of other ways in which you can have your pictures sorted as well. If you wish to see the ones with the most comments, you could.

What are certain upload restrictions that photo sharing websites impose on their users? On a basic and free Flickr account, you get to upload photos that get no larger than 10MB a picture; and you have a 100MB quota every month. For a mere $25 a year, you could do whatever you wish. If you would like to upload an entire album on Flickr with as little handholding is possible, there are alternatives to using the Flickr website. Flickr gives you a desktop uploader program that you install on your desktop. You just drag and drop photos into the icon and let it take care of everything.

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